The one where Pacific Pearl delivers aid to Fiji…

The 200 kilogram shipment will cruise to Lautoka aboard Pacific Pearl this week. Image: P&O Cruises Australia

A community group from Dubbo has collected 200 kilograms of children and adult clothing bound for Lautoka, Fiji on 9 November aboard Pacific Pearl.

The group of residents organised the shipment to assist those affected by the floods earlier this year.

“Early in the crisis, food was also a priority but now the point has been reached where good quality clothing for children and adults is vitally needed,” Dubbo resident Warren Boyle said.

“We are grateful to P&O Cruises for helping get a pallet load of clothing to Fiji.”

The group has previously visited Lautoka to assist the community with work including; painting part of the Lautoka school and developing and constructing a water collection and purification system to provide the village with clean water.

“We can’t always assist with shipments of this kind but we are pleased that we have been able to help on this occasion,” P&O Cruises corporate communications manager David Jones said.

“It is certainly in line with our own activities to ensure island communities can enjoy the economic benefits of the growth of cruising.”

Originally written by Natalie Aroyan for e-Travel Blackboard

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