Carnival Breeze Day 6: Hairy chests and evening gowns

Tony Smith – Francis Travel Marketing, Phil Smethurst – Bicton Travel, Matt Clements – Bicton Travel, Andrew Milmore – Travel the World, Michelle Michael-Pecora – Travel Managers, Joni Rein – Carnival Cruise Lines



Tony proudly wears his medal after the Hairy Chest Competition

When one goes to bed at 8am, it is normal to not wake before midday is it not? Just in time for lunch was the perfect time for me to wake on our first fun day at sea in the Med.

Sure I may have missed some of the plethora of activities planned, but I was just in time to get my Guy Fieri burger fix and make the Hairy Chest Competition that I had encouraged a friend (and New Zealand GSA for Carnival) to take part in the night before.

I didn’t actually think a deal made over a couple of cocktails would be remembered but, there he was, ready to go and attempt to win the coveted title.

Our cheer squad at the ready, we screamed and whooped as he danced toward the beach pool where he was doused in sun cream and tanning lotion by the willing female judges before the tri-level judging began.

Making it to the final three, the winner’s trophy was just out of his reach, but that medal sat proudly on a certain New Zealander’s hairy chest for the remainder of the afternoon!

Being a Mediterranean cruise, there weren’t many sea days with which to participate in the traditional poolside activities that Carnival is famous for…and that I love…so I had to get my fix in while I could.



Fun Ship Freddy and I

We headed straight to the Ovation Theatre following Tony’s triumphant achievement, to watch senior cruise director John Heald and his comic sidekick, Calvyn, host one of my favourite shows on any cruise line, The Marriage Show.

Unfortunately, the show was unable to go ahead due to John being caught up at the bridge monitoring an electrical fault onboard that had activated the fire alarms and closed the forward doors.

No damage was caused and no-one was injured but the alpha team had been sent to assess the situation and John kept passengers up to date through regular shipwide announcements over the PA.

It was an odd situation looking at my fellow passengers reactions to the announcement, with many praising John for making us aware of the situation rather than hiding it from us which he so easily could have done.

Others took to Twitter to amplify a situation that really did not require it…but you know how some people can be!


My early morning was catching up with me, so I spent the afternoon sleeping by the pool before heading to my comfortable bed to ensure I was ready and raring to go for our first elegant night at sea.

Eating dinner in the Sapphire dining room, we were privy to, not only the dulcet sounds of maitre d’ Ken Byrne, but also the astonishing magic of Rakesh.

Whilst Rakesh had marvelled me several times already this cruise, the trick he performed on me this evening in particular took my breath away.


Kayla, Antony and Michelle hit the dance floor

I had heard of this being performed on fellow passengers but needed to see it with my own eyes to convince me…

Picture this…Rakesh stands near me whilst I am sitting at the dining table. He gives me seven scents to choose from and asks me to keep this scent (jasmine in my case) in my mind’s eye as I focus on the flower being crushed in my hand to release its scent.

When I am done “crushing” the flower, he asks to me to “let it go” from my hand and to rub my two hands together…but at no point does he touch me or my hands.

I’m then told to smell my hands which, miraculously, now smell of jasmine! Everyone can smell it and I run from table to table to have my friends smell the jasmine and ensure that it’s not just my mind playing tricks on me!

Helen and Phil try out “The Wobble”

Perhaps it was really magic!

Another delectable dinner had been completed with our wonderful waiter, Martina, ensuring that our stomachs were full and our thirst quenched ahead of an evening of entertainment and frock spotting.

I love seeing what people wear to an elegant evening aboard ships that aren’t traditionally formal, like Carnival.

I’m always surprised by the length that people go to to don evening gowns even though they may have had to transport them across the world and on this evening, a majority of people had truly made an effort. There were even men in tuxedos!


The queen of the Liquid Nightclub cage!

The formal photographers were working overtime, with passengers lining up to pose in front of the various backdrops positioned around the ship.

Playlist Productions were performing “Divas” on this elegant evening and Michelle and I headed to the Ovation Theatre to experience the show that brings together some of the most well known songs by popular female artists over the years including Britney Spears, Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera.

Struggling to find a seat with standing room only in the two-deck theatre, we sing along, tap our feet and I get that boost of energy I need before hitting the Liquid Nightclub for what was destined to be the relatively early night I promised myself.

After all, we were arriving in Dubrovnik nice and early the next day…there was no sleeping in for this cruiser no matter how much I may need it!

Originally written by Natalie Aroyan for e-Travel Blackboard

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