The one where Celebrity Reflection opens the AquaSpa

The newest build by Celebrity Cruises, Celebrity Reflection, will feature an enhanced AquaSpa by Elemis, complete with an expanded ‘Persian Garden’.

The 883-square-foot ‘Persian Garden’ will offer 15 heated tile beds and special events including “Girlz Night”, a social spa night for women and “Couples Night” offering couples an intimate escape.

A sensory experience circuit within the ‘Persian Garden’ will feature an Hammam, an infrared sauna that penetrates deep into guest’s joints and surrounding tissue rather than simply heating the skin like a traditional sauna, an aromatic steam room and a ‘Cold Room’ complete with icy cold floors and walls to aid in the tightening of pores.

Guests can also create customised scrubs made from salts, sugars and herbs at the new ‘DIY Salt and Scrub Bar’ and experience an array of sensory showers including a warm, tropical rain shower infused with mild, fruity fragrances and an arctic cold mist shower enriched with eucalyptus.

A variety of new treatments will also be on offer, including “Rhythm and Bliss” designed to “tune up” tension whilst guest’s “tune out” with noise cancelling headphones playing a mix of either classical, world, electronic or rock music.

Acupuncture, Botox®, Dysport® injectables, Restylane® and Perlene® dermal fillers and Keratin Complex hair smoothing therapy will also be offered.

Celebrity Reflection is slated for launch in October 2012.

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