The one where Costa Captain is realeased

Image courtesy of what’s on in Xiamen

Captain Francesco Schettino, has been released from house arrest in Naples as the investigation continues into the grounding of Costa Concordia on 13 January off the coast of Giglio.

Schettino must stay in his home town of Meta di Sorrento until 21 July when a court hearing is scheduled in which the complete results of the technical analysis of Concordia’s black box and other instruments will be revealed.

“He is a free man. He could go to the seaside today if he wants. But he won’t,” one of his lawyers, Paolo Bastianini told AFP last week.

“I have given him strict orders not to leave the house or speak to anyone.”

A letter to Schettino’s lawyers was released to the Italian media last week where the Captain claims divine intervention before the ship hit the rocks off Giglio.

“A divine hand surely touched my head,” Mr Schettino stated in the letter.

“If I had continued on that path the ship’s prow would have hit the rock. It would have been carnage.”

Schettino goes on to deny claims that the incident occurred due to hallucination and insists it was his skill that prevented further damage and loss of life.

“There are those who say the impact with the stern was caused because I was suffering from a hallucination. What hallucination?

“It was rather my instinct, my skills, the ability to know the sea and suddenly change direction. The dilemma was whether to evacuate or not.

“Evacuating over 4,000 people from a boat in motion has its risks. To do it would have been almost a liberation for me, but my conscience meant I could not do it lightheartedly.”

Schettino and eight others are currently under investigation with the Captain accused of sailing too close to the shore, delaying evacuation and abandoning ship ahead of everyone being rescued.

Originally written by Natalie Aroyan for e-Travel Blackboard

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