The one where Norovirus attacked three ships…

Ruby Princess, Crown Princess and Voyager of the Seas have all been hit with Norovirus in the past week with approximately 700 people affected overall.

With symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea and nausea, Norovirus can be contracted a variety of ways including via food, water or high touch items including hand railings and elevator buttons.

Cruise Critic reported that 92 of Ruby Princess’ 3,133 passengers and 13 of her 1,186 crew were affected, with 364 of Crown Princess’ passengers and 30 of her 1,168 crew also hit by the virus.

A “special report” will be created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with embarkation delayed on both Princess ships over the weekend due to their complete sanitisation.

Voyager of the Seas was also reported by Cruise Law News as having over 200 Norovirus affected passengers with 20 quarantined in New Orleans as a result of their illness.

The ship was delayed for two hours on Saturday with cleaning crews sanitising the ship completely prior to embarkation.

14 outbreaks of sickness onboard cruise ships sailing into U.S ports were reported in 2011 with five reported already in 2012.

Originally published on e-Travel Blackboard.

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