The one where Titanic celebrations took place to commemorate 100 years…

Miles Morgan - Miles Morgan Travel

UK based agency, Miles Morgan Travel has chartered two ships to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

The sold out ‘Titanic Memorial Cruise’ aboard the ms Balmoral will depart from Southampton on 8 April 2012 for 12-nights and will follow the Titanic’s original itinerary sailing past Cherbourg on the French coast before visiting the Irish port of Cobh, the last port of call before she struck ice.

Those still wishing to be a part of the commemorative activities can book the ‘Titanic Anniversary Cruise’ departing from New York on 10 April 2012, exactly 100 years to the day that the Titanic sailed on her maiden voyage.

The 8-night voyage aboard the Azamara Journey will head to Halifax before visiting the site for a memorial service at 2:20am on 15 April 2012.

Passengers will be privy to lectures and themed entertainment pertaining to the era, with selected food and beverage served the same as that served aboard the Titanic.

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