The one where Peter Max painted Norwegian Breakaway’s hull…

Image courtesy of The Coventry Kids

One of America’s most renowned artists has been commissioned by Norwegian Cruise Line to paint the signature hull artwork on the newest addition to their fleet, Norwegian Breakaway.

This is the first time that the line has asked a well-known artist to paint the hull artwork.

“Since Norwegian Breakaway will be making her home in New York, we felt it was fitting to ask the artist best associated with New York, Mr. Peter Max, to paint the ship’s hull,” said Kevin Sheehan, CEO Norwegian Cruise Line.

“I am a huge fan of his work and know that the art he creates for Norwegian Breakaway will make the ship instantly recognisable.”

With art appearing on a Continental Boeing 777 jumbo jet, a 600-foot stage for the Woodstock Music Festival and a giant mural unveiled at the 2002 Winter Olympics, this will be the largest canvas the award-winning artist has painted.

“I love painting large canvases. I’ve painted a plane and stage for Woodstock but never a ship. I love ships and have travelled on them many times in my life. To see my artwork floating on Norwegian Breakaway out at sea will be a dream come true,” said Mr Max.

Mr Max has been the designated artist of five Super Bowls, six Grammy Awards, World Cup USA, The World Series, the United Nations Earth Summit and was honoured at the Jefferson Awards for a lifetime of dedication to America and its charitable causes.

Norwegian Breakaway is scheduled for delivery in April 2013 and will sail 7 day Bermuda itineraries from her home port of New York.

Originally published for e-Travel Blackboard.

What artists would you like to see paint the artwork on the hull of Norwegian’s next ‘Project Breakaway’ ship, Getaway? She’s scheduled for delivery in April 2014 so who knows…it may be a possibility!

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