The one where the Banana Coast was constructed…

Construction of a new cruise terminal has commenced at Banana Coast in Trujillo, Honduras this week.

The only new Caribbean cruise destination currently being developed has been designed by OBM International, of Royal Caribbean’s private island, CocoCay and Carnival’s Grand Turk Cruise Centre fame.

Initial work has commenced on a slated 10-acre beachfront site elevated to two metres above sea level with a seawall constructed along the perimeter.

“With its colourful history and setting, Trujillo provides wonderful opportunities for both architecture and landscaping,” said Doug Kulig, chief executive office of OBM International.

“The key to the design is finding the right combination of a rewarding visitor experience and seamless site functionality.”
An oceanfront shopping centre and transportation hub will be suitably themed with the port scheduled for completion in late 2012.

Trujillo’s mayor, Jose Lianez shared his excitement at the milestone in a statement last week.

“The Municipality and other constituents have made major improvements to our colonial city’s visitor facilities in anticipation of receiving cruise guests. We hope that our efforts and the charm of our citizens, will entice cruisers to return for longer visits to fully experience everything the area has to offer,” Mayor Lianez said.

In a statement to e-Travel Blackboard, a representative of the developers of the Banana Coast, expressed their confidence that, whilst they have received no firm commitments from cruise lines, the Banana Coast will host cruise calls in 2013.

Falmouth, Jamaica was the last dedicated cruise port constructed in the Caribbean region and was welcomed with mixed reviews earlier this year.

Originally published on e-Travel Blackboard.

Having visited Falmouth, Jamaica in April (just prior to the port being completed), I hope that the Banana Coast will have a more positive reaction by cruisers.

Royal Caribbean’s private island of CocoCay (which was also designed by OBM International) is one of my favourite ports in the Bahamas. The perfect blend of paradise with a touch of Disneyland’s ‘Toon Town’, every passenger I spoke to aboard Navigator of the Seas loved their day there.

Colourful, vibrant and full of personality, I look forward to seeing the finished product when the Banana Coast construction is completed next year.

Where would you like to see a theme port constructed?

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