The one where P&O launched a cookbook…and we gave it away!

P&O Cruises have launched their first ever cookbook featuring over 60 recipes by the cruise line’s culinary team.

A celebration of the transformation of P&O Cruises food and wine offering in recent years, the aptly titled ‘holidays’ allows Australians to take home a taste of their voyage and retails for $40 onboard.

P&O Cruises revamped their dining offering across their fleet three years ago and now offers a contemporary menu designed especially for the Australian palate. It incorporates a wide array of Australian and New Zealand produce and local wines.

Freshness and flavor is the key to the cookbook with Chef Uwe Stiefel, P&O Cruises corporate executive chef sharing that signature dishes and passenger favourites were top of mind when compiling the book.

“Each of our four ships has more than 90 chefs, patissiers and bakers onboard who take delivery of close to 100 tonnes of produce every cruise and work around the clock to deliver delicious meals to everyone on board. The results are in this cookbook,” said Mr Stiefel.

With a team that oversees more than 16,000 recipes, Mr Stiefel said that whilst it was a challenge to select only 60, they ensured that the recipes chosen are not only delicious but also easy to prepare.

“After all, if you’re on holidays you don’t want to spend all your time in the kitchen!”

We have a brand spanking new copy of ‘holidays’ to give away to one lucky reader! All you need to do is post the answer to the following question on our Facebook wall to be in the running:

What is your favourite dish to conjur up the feeling of being on ‘holidays’?

Click here to enter today!


Entries close 9am AEST Monday 25 July. See Facebook for complete terms and conditions.

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