The one where Carnival Magic rescued a stranded boat…

The 30-foot ‘Jean Michele’ stranded alongside Carnival Magic this week. Image courtesy of John Heald’s blog

John Heald, senior cruise director, Carnival Cruise Lines has made quite a name for himself in the online world, winning numerous blogging awards and effectively ‘humanising’ the Carnival brand.

The recipient earlier this week of the ‘Best Travel Blog’ award by UK website Travelmole, Mr. Heald’s wit and humour entertains many on a daily basis.

Responding to guest enquiries online, some quite absurd, and updating the world on the goings on at Carnival is a regular occurrence, but sometimes these are peppered with heartwarming stories of life at sea, as was the case yesterday.

Receiving a call from the captain of Carnival Magic just after midnight on 18 July, Mr Heald was notified of a father and son being stranded on their small motor yacht which had lost all propulsion. The ‘May Day’ call had come through and Carnival Magic was diverting her course to assist.

50 knot winds and 10 foot swells meant that the 30-foot yacht was struggling and, the father and son onboard refused to abandon ship.

Instead, the captain made the call to maneuver Carnival Magic to within 50-100 metres and act as protection from the swells for almost five hours.

The Spanish Coast Guard cutter arrived at approximately 4:50am and the ‘Jean Michele’ was towed back to Majorca where, Mr. Heald reports, they returned safe and well.

Originally published on e-Travel Blackboard

I absolutely love John’s blogs and when 3:30pm comes by every day I eagerly anticipate what hilarious and sometimes inappropriate stories he will tell about the past 24 hours.

Mostly though, I love the fact that he responds to people who ask him questions, honestly and bluntly and doesn’t hide behind the fact that he works for one of the largest cruise lines in the world. It’s refreshing and I think that more managers should take a leaf out of his book.

Click here to subscribe to his blog. I highly recommend it! Just be aware that you will laugh out loud!

2 responses to “The one where Carnival Magic rescued a stranded boat…

  1. My wife and I were on this cruise, and it was an incredible experience to witness this rescue. We were watching from our balcony almost the entire time. Kudos to the captain for sheltering the Jean Michele from the weather. I hate to think what would have happened if the Magic hadn’t changed the itinerary, and had not been in the area.

    • Thanks for posting Tim, it would have been an amazing sight to behold!

      For such a huge ship, sheltering the Jean Michele wouldn’t have been an easy task! I’ll be sure to check out your blog as well…when’s your next cruising adventure?

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