The one where Viking Prestige was christened…

In a moving ceremony in Amsterdam this week, the 188 passenger Viking Prestige was officially named by godmother Janice Farrar-Titus.

Ms Farrar-Titus, wife of the late renowned cruise industry innovator, Warren Titus, bestowed a blessing on Prestige before breaking a bottle of champagne on her bow.

“May you begin your cruising days under a rainbow and sunny skies, and may you follow that rainbow around the bends in the river to the pot of gold,” Ms Farrar-Titus proclaimed.

On what would have been his 96th birthday, Torstein Hagen, Viking River Cruises chairman and CEO commended the late Mr Titus.

“Warren influenced three cruise lines during his lifetime – Royal Viking Line, Seabourn and, indirectly, Viking River Cruises.”

Designed by Norwegian maritime architects Yran & Storbraaten, famed for their work with Seabourn, Oceania and Disney, Viking Prestige is the first ship in a series of ten set to be rolled out over the next 3 years costing the line $250 million.

Featuring the new Aquavit Lounge offering al-fresco dining, Prestige offers all-outside staterooms and is the second ‘green’ river cruise vessel for the line with increased fuel efficiency and producing less vibration.

Embarking on her 15-day maiden voyage on 2 July, Viking Prestige will then begin regular service on the 8-day ‘Romantic Danube’ itinerary travelling from Budapest to Nuremberg.

Click here to view the photos from the christening

Original article published on e-Travel Blackboard

Whilst I’ve only sailed on one river cruise in my life (a Presidential Cruises’ cruise down the Nile) it surprised me that, regardless of how much smaller the vessel, onboard life was relatively similar to that on a larger liner.

Our shore tour guide turned into our cruise director, instead of ‘Island Night’ we had ‘Egyptian Night’ (complete with theme games and dressing up) and the buffet…well it was to die for!

Whilst I personally prefer to sail on ‘superliners’ I am very keen to experience Europe via a river cruise as the ports that are offered on the itineraries are just too good to miss!

Following an entertaining conversation with the fabulous and highly esteemed writer Joanna Hall last night, the advice I would like to pass on to all those considering river cruising for the first time is to be wary when opening the curtains of your stateroom each morning.

River cruises differ to their larger sisters as they often dock side by side…meaning that you may be saying “hello” to passengers on another vessel when you wake!

It’s often a site to behold and I have experienced firsthand the embarrassment of being more scantily clad than I would have liked when I bid “ahlan was-ahlan” to my new neighbour!

Share your river cruising stories here…

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