The one where you could win a P&O cruise…

You could be sailing on the Pacific Pearl...

As you can probably tell by my mere creation of this blog, I love cruising…

So when a campaign is released to win a cruise, I jump at the chance…until I find out that it’s angled at people who have never cruised before and are hesitant to do so!

Whilst I follow the adage “each to their own”, this is something I just don’t really understand.

P&O however, are trying to understand it better in their latest campaign where they are giving away six free cruises to the ‘landlubbers’ of Australia.

Their aim is to tackle the misconceptions of cruising head on and entrants are asked to share their reservations about cruising by uploading a video or photos accompanied by 200 words explaining why they have never felt the need (or want) to sail the seven seas!

The top six respondents will win a free cruise and will be offered the opportunity to travel with either a partner or as part of a family of four!

“We know from our research that some people hesitate to take a cruise because they are concerned about getting sea sick. Others think they’ll be bored and there are some who don’t want to spend days getting to a destination,” said Jenny Lourey, senior vice president of Carnival Australia.

“They’re exactly the kind of people we want to enter this competition.”

Being an uncharacteristically young cruise fan, I’ve heard it all over the years.

Having experienced my first cruise at 18 (which led to an instant addiction), I have never been able to understand how people can be concerned about things like “getting bored” or “seeing the same people for a whole week”.

Especially not with the megaliners of today!

So I commend P&O for attempting to dispel the myths and, although envious of those who win, I look forward to following their journeys…

Oh did I forget to mention that the winners’ experiences will be filmed whilst onboard?

“We’re confident that once we put people with such doubts on a cruise they’ll change their perception of cruising. And by producing videos on their experiences we’ll help change the minds of thousands of others,” Ms Lourey said.

Entries open today and close at 11:59pm Sunday 24 July 2011.

For more information log onto

If you have never cruised before, I want to hear why…comment below to share what your reservations are…after you enter the competition of course!

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