The one where Celebrity Silhouette left the shipyard…

Celebrity Cruises’ newest vessel, the $750 million Celebrity Silhouette, was manoevred carefully from her birthplace in Papenburg, Germany to open sea in Emshaven, Netherlands on 1 July.

With less than 1.5 metres grace in some areas, Captain Dimitrios Kafetzis was required to steer backwards out of the yard assisted by tugboats fore and aft and along the River Ems.

With various locks and tight passages to navigate, Celebrity Silhouette was required to travel on an aqueduct over an autobahn (motorway) at one point.

Power lines and railway tracks normally passing over the river were removed and the tide was measured closely to ensure it was high enough to ensure safe passage.

Travelling at less than 4 miles per hour, the most challenging voyage Celebrity Silhouette is set to embark on, took 12 hours to complete.

Finishing work is scheduled for completion in Emshaven, the Netherlands prior to her naming ceremony in Hamburg on 21 July 2011.

Original article published on e-Travel Blackboard

View the amazing video of Celebrity Silhouette being navigated out of the shipyard here!

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