The one where QM2 failed their sanitation inspection…

Cunard’s QM2 has been reported as failing her recent voluntary Vessel Sanitation Programme (VSP) inspection in New York earlier this month, with an unsatisfactory grading of 84.

The QM2 has been reported as receiving a perfect score of 100 on three occasions and scoring over 95 on most others.

With a satisfactory grade of 86 required to pass, the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) failed the 2,620 passenger liner releasing a detailed 15 page report citing numerous violations.

“The poor assessment on 10 June resulted largely from one small area of the ship’s overall operation,” a statement from Cunard announced over the weekend.

“All the issues in the report were immediately addressed and have now been corrected.”

The CDC reported numerous food safety violations in the ‘King’s Court Locker’ and surrounds including pests, toxic items stored with food, improper storage of food and a human hair found on the inside of an ice machine in the Crew Bar pantry.

The ‘Minnows Splash Pool’ floor tiles were also reported as being “extremely dirty” and coated with “dark soil and hairs,” and the internal beer draught lines were found to be “heavily soiled”.

Cunard stated that certain roles have been redefined both onboard and on a shore management level to clarify accountability and that the line’s “already rigorous training schedule has been stepped up.”

“The company is confident that failings of this nature will not occur again, and that the ship’s VSP scores in the future will return to the customary consistently high level.”

Original article published on e-Travel Blackboard

What are your thoughts on the failed sanitation inspection by one of the most regal liners to sail the seven seas? Have you ever experienced less than sanitary conditions onboard a cruise ship?

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