Caesars Palace: Las Vegas

Photo credit: Caesars Palace

Photo credit: Caesars Palace

One of the most opulent hotels on the Strip (and perhaps in the world), Caesars Palace embodies everything that I love about Las Vegas.

Decadence, glitz, variety and amazing service was par for the course during my stay.

There is no need to venture anywhere else in Las Vegas if you’re staying at Caesars Palace, with a huge array of everything from dining to headline acts, a to-die-for pool area to bars and clubs.

Julius Caesar would be proud.

Using the ‘Diamond Check In’ option for my room in the Augustus Tower was a smooth and hassle-free way to introduce myself to the hotel that would be my home for several nights.

Photo Credit: Caesars Palace

Photo Credit: Caesars Palace

As is the way in Las Vegas, but particularly at an establishment such as this, service was exceptional with the guest service agent even asking if I desired a bottle of water whilst she checked me in.

With 3,300 rooms/suites in six towers, the organization required to run a hotel like this is beyond belief and it works like a well oiled ship.

Opening in 2005, the Augustus Tower, where I stayed, features 900-rooms and my spacious abode overlooked the Bellagio and Paris Las Vegas.

Perfectly positioned to enjoy the Bellagio fountain show every half an hour was a bonus for someone who had missed the show completely during her last trip to Las Vegas!

The floor to ceiling windows leave nothing to the imagination and you couldn’t ask for a better position on the strip.

Photo Credit: Natalie Aroyan

Photo Credit: Natalie Aroyan

With an endless choice of restaurants, the benefit of staying in such a large hotel was the distance needed to walk to actually dine. I’m certain that it was because of this that I still fit into my clothes at the end of my trip!

There was no, “just popping downstairs” at Caesars Palace with the hotel spanning 85 acres and, if you forgot something in your room, well, you really had to consider whether you needed it before heading back!

A large flat screen LCD TV and iPod docking station ensured that there truly was entertainment 24-7 if you so desired and the bed…well I may as well have been sleeping on clouds it was so comfortable.

Twin sinks and an extensive array of toiletries adorned the bathroom and, for the ultimate in relaxation, it came complete with a spa bath that you could soak in whilst watching TV of course!

Whilst the entertainment and dining options will be detailed in future ‘Features’, it would be remiss of me not to wax lyrical about the ‘Garden of the Gods’.

Photo Credit: Natalie Aroyan

Photo Credit: Natalie Aroyan

In September 2009, this oasis of luxury expanded to 5 acres and includes 8 swimming pools, an 18-foot waterfall and 45 cabanas if you decide privacy is required.

Reminiscent of everything I imagined Ancient Rome to be, this poolside paradise is somewhere I miss more than anywhere else in Las Vegas.

Whilst I didn’t try my hand at the swim-up blackjack this time around, I believe it’s definitely something I need to add to my bucket list next time I decide to experience opulence at its best in the heart of ‘Sin City’.

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Originally written by Natalie Aroyan for e-Travel Blackboard

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