The one where Norwegian announced a plus-sized new ship…

Wonder which hull design Norwegian Breakaway Plus II will feature! Photo Credit:

Wonder which hull design Norwegian Breakaway Plus II will feature! Photo Credit:

Norwegian Cruise Line is set to order a fourth ship, dubbed Breakaway Plus II, slated to be even larger than sister Breakaway Plus, which is expected to weigh in at 163,000-tonnes and carry 4,200-passengers.

Speaking to Cruise Critic at the UK launch of Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Cruise Line CEO Kevin Sheehan said that the ship is expected to debut in March 2017 if they exercise their option to build.

Mr Sheehan also divulged additional details about Breakaway Plus saying that, “the designs are almost set.”

“It will have an additional deck, a partial deck of public space and so we think it’s just going to enhance that experience for the guests,” Mr Sheehan said.

She is slated for launch in October 2015 and, when she does, will be the largest ship in Norwegian’s fleet.

When asked whether the line will look at basing a ship permanently out of the UK, Mr Sheehan said, “As you get scale, we’ll be pushing into these other markets for sure, but we don’t have 100 ships [like Carnival Corp.] and we don’t want to take a risk.”

This response was very different to the comments Mr Sheehan made to Cruise In Review at the Cruise3Sixty conference in Fort Lauderdale last year when he spoke of his love of Australia and his excitement at joining other companies already sailing in the region.

“It’s a great market,” Mr Sheehan told Cruise In Review.

“We haven’t announced it yet but we will be announcing a ship coming over to that market. I probably shouldn’t have said that though!

“We understand that it’s an important market and I’m excited to be getting over there to be honest.”

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