The one where Tauck introduced even longer riverboats…

Rendering of ms Inspiration. Image: Tauck

Rendering of ms Inspiration. Image: Tauck

Tauck has announced the names and additional details of their two new riverboats slated for launch next year.

ms Inspire and ms Savor may be 23 percent longer than their four sister ships at 443-feet long, but the two newbuilds will only accommodate 130-passengers each, maintaining the company’s record of having the lowest passenger-to-ship-length ratio in the market.

“When our Inspiration Class ships launch next year they’ll each have just 130 guests aboard, whereas other major lines carry up to 190 guests on the same length ships,” Tauck CEO Dan Maher said.

“You simply can’t deliver the same relaxed, intimate atmosphere when you put nearly 50 percent more passengers into the same place.”

Mr Maher also shared that the new riverboats will boast more service personnel than any other river cruise line with a Tauck cruise director and three Tauck directors onboard that will also accompany all-inclusive shore excursions.

Originally written by Natalie Aroyan for e-Travel Blackboard.

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