The one where QM2 saluted SES volunteers…

SES volunteers take prime position aboard QM2.Image: Carnival Australia

SES volunteers take prime position aboard QM2.
Image: Carnival Australia

More than 35 SES volunteers were hosted aboard Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 on a two-night voyage sailing from Brisbane to Sydney this week.

The group, dubbed the “Summer Heroes” arrived in Sydney today and were chosen at random from the hundreds of volunteers that were active during the Queensland floods in the wake of Cyclone Oswald and the bushfires in Tasmania, NSW and Victoria.

Queensland SES coordinator Christie Heitmann joked with Channel Nine saying that, “It’s going to be a different type of water to what we’re used to working in.”

Cunard president Peter Shanks and Carnival Australia CEO Ann Sherry welcomed the “Summer Heroes” onboard and acknowledged the work that volunteers do for the community.

“It is humbling to know that emergency services volunteers risk everything to protect their communities in the most extreme conditions and they do it willingly year after year and sometimes at great personal cost,” Mr Shanks said.

Ms Sherry shared Mr Shanks’ sentiment and said that Carnival Australia was pleased to be able to assist in thanking the group.

“As a nation we are in awe of these people who offer their communities unparalleled commitment when nature is at its most dangerous to lives and property,” Ms Sherry said.

Queen Mary 2 also played host to an auction onboard with all proceeds going to the Australian Red Cross 2013 natural disaster appeals.

Originally written by Natalie Aroyan for e-Travel Blackboard.

What a great way to thank our hardworking volunteers – great work Cunard and Carnival Australia in putting this together!

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