The one where Carnival passengers were not so Triumphant…

Image: U.S. Coast Guard

Image: U.S. Coast Guard

The situation aboard Carnival Triumph following an engine room fire earlier this week has escalated, with passengers reporting urine-soaked carpets, overflowing toilets and several-hour long queues for food.

Passengers aboard the stranded liner have used limited electricity and phone service to contact news agencies in the U.S. to share details of their experience.

“Conditions are getting worse by the hour,” passenger Debra Rightmire said in a text to ABC News.

“Cabin carpets are wet with urine and water. Toilets are overflowing inside cabins. We are having to sleep in the hallways.”

“There’s no running water. There’s no power. They are having to use the restroom in buckets and bags,” Brent Nutt, whose wife, Bethany, is on board, said to CNN.

A statement from Carnival Cruise Lines president and CEO Gerry Cahill said that all guests are safe and they are doing everything they can “to make them as comfortable as possible”.

At the time of publishing, public and cabin toilets were reported as being operational in limited sections of the ship with power restored to several elevators.

Power has also been restored to the Lido dining area where hot coffee and limited hot food is being served.

Carnival Cruise Lines have changed their original plans to tow the ship to Progreso, Mexico, deciding instead to head to Mobile, Alabama, where she is expected to arrive on Thursday.

Passengers will be transported home on chartered aircraft and their U.S. arrival means that the 900 passengers travelling with no passports will be expedited swiftly.

“We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience, discomfort, and frustration our guests are feeling,” Mr Cahill said in a statement.

“We know they expected a fantastic vacation, and clearly that is not what they received.

“Our shipboard and shoreside teams are working around the clock to care for our guests and get them home safely.”

Originally written by Natalie Aroyan for e-Travel Blackboard.


I know that the media can ramp up incidents like these but all reports from those onboard are that the situation is truly dire. I feel terrible for everyone affected but, once again, I believe that Carnival is doing all that it can to assist everyone and the compensation package is very generous.

What more do you think the cruise line can do to make the situation any better either onboard or once they return to land?

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