The one where ‘Cruise Radio’ launched a smartphone app…

Online radio show, Cruise Radio, has launched an interactive application for smart phones in a first for the industry.

Enabling people to access cruise news on-the-go, listen to episodes, view videos and access exclusive ‘app only’ content, ‘Cruise Radio Live’ is available for USD$0.99 via iTunes or the Android Market.

“The Cruise Radio Live application offers easy access to all Cruise Radio has to offer,” Cruise Radio founder Doug Parker said.

Cruise Radio Live also enables users to upload images and news from around the world with ‘iProducer’ which will be launched after the first update in the coming weeks.

“Through the iProducer feature, we hope to have cruisers from all over the world share their voyages with the Cruise Radio audience.”

“With recent surveys indicating that a majority of people use their smart phones between 9pm and midnight, I wanted to create a way to capture that significant slice of people who need a more mobile way to access and interact with cruise news,” Mr Parker said in an exclusive interview with e-Travel Blackboard.

Utilising social media channels to survey listeners during the development process, Mr Parker shared his belief that engagement with cruisers worldwide will play a major part in the app’s ultimate success.

“I used Twitter and Facebook to chat to listeners about what they wanted from the app. Some said news, some said premium content but ultimately they wanted something fun with the capability to submit images and news when it happens. I think we’ve achieved this.”

Originally starting as a passion project for Mr Parker, Cruise Radio now boasts over 125,000 listeners worldwide with regular guests including cruise commentators and presidents joining Parker and co-host Matt Basford every week.

Originally published for e-Travel Blackboard.

I downloaded this app several weeks back and, being someone who has tuned into ‘Cruise Radio’ since its inception, have found the ease with which to download their shows and keep up with news on the run very handy.

I’m looking forward to using ‘iProducer’ next time I cruise as an additional way to engage with the cruise community and, being able to access the unedited interviews with people in the know within this industry was also a draw card for me.

Doug truly has captured a niche in the marketplace with this app and, if you’re a fan of cruising, it will be the best $0.99 you’ve ever spent!

What is the best cruise related smartphone app you’ve discovered?

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