The one where Princess called the roll…

Connecting with fellow passengers via social media has gone one step further, with Princess Cruises launching the all-new Princess Roll Call™ section on their Facebook page.

Offering cruisers the opportunity to network prior to sailing, the roll call is organized by ship and date and currently features voyages through to December 2011.

“Cruising has always been a very social experience and passengers often like to embrace the community nature of a cruise even before they set sail,” said Stan Birge, Princess Cruises commercial director.

“This Roll Call section has been widely requested and makes great use of the functionality of Facebook to give passengers a place to ‘meet’ each other on a platform they already use. The can check in with their fellow cruisers to ask questions and make plans in the same place they use to keep up with family and friends.”

With each sailing’s page still available after the voyage, passengers are able to remain in touch and share photos on their return.

Direct links to the Princess Roll Call™ will be provided in booking confirmations, pre-cruise emails and in passengers’ cruise personaliser profiles.

Originally published on e-Travel Blackboard

As a regular solo cruiser, I’m all for roll calls but, haven’t really used them to the best of their ability yet. ‘Checking in’ is something I want to commence trialling with upcoming cruises I have planned and I’ll be sure to report back with my experiences.

So far the best roll call I have experienced is because it offers every mainstream cruise line leaving from every port in the world.

In addition to allowing you to connect with your fellow passengers, the website also offers a wealth of information including in depth port reviews which are priceless when you haven’t sailed to a destination before.

Have you used a ‘roll call’ before? If so, share your experiences here…

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