The one where Voyager of the Seas was reviewed…

Voyager of the Seas heads downunder

Following the news of Voyager of the Seas’ deployment to Australia in November 2012, I decided to take an in depth look at the first ever megaliner to be based ‘down under’.

Every time a ship is deployed to Sydney I get excited, but when I received news that this particular ship was heading down here I was ecstatic!

I was lucky enough to sail on Voyager’s almost identical twin sister, Navigator of the Seas in April this year and I fell in love with her.

I know I say that quite a bit with cruise ships but, she truly is a magnificent ship.

The Royal Promenade that is offered onboard the Voyager, Freedom and Oasis classes of Royal Caribbean ships really does make a difference to your cruising experience.

You seriously feel as if you’re walking through a shopping mall rather than a ship, it’s breathtaking!

So having Voyager nearby to hop onto for 5 months (one can always dream) is an exciting prospect for me.

For a complete breakdown of all of the exciting features of Voyager of the Seas click through to my review on e-Travel Blackboard

…and if you’d like a sneak peek at some images, click here

What ship heading to Australia are you most keen to travel on? Is it Voyager of the Seas or Carnival Spirit? Celebrity Solstice or Celebrity Century? Perhaps it’s the more classic ms Oosterdam? There are so many to choose from!


2 responses to “The one where Voyager of the Seas was reviewed…

    • Thanks for your comment! Being a Sydney girl…very selfishly I would have to say that I’m quite happy that Sydney is the main port of call for most of the cruise ships and I haven’t seen the Port of Brisbane but you’ve got me curious now that you say it looks like Miami! 🙂

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