The one where smoking on cruise ships became risque…

Carnival joins in with tightening their smoking policy...

For the complete run down on the decision overnight by Princess Cruises, Holland America Line and Carnival Cruise Lines to tighten their smoking policies on board, click here to view my article published on e-Travel Blackboard.

Here’s an excerpt that gives you an idea about why so many cruisers around the world have become either incensed or excited by the decision:

In a move that has caused much controversy on social media sites overnight, Princess Cruises, Holland America and Carnival have announced their new smoking policies.

Cruisers have made their voices heard on Facebook with debate running rife regarding the stricter policy.

Where Holland America and Carnival have chosen not to promote the move on their pages themselves, Princess Cruises have allowed their ‘fans’ to air their opinions openly.

One ‘Elite Cruiser’ on the Princess page said, “I have cruises booked thru 2013 and will be cancelling them…cruising should be enjoyable for all – smokers as well as non-smokers.”

At the time of publishing, the announcement posted by Princess overnight attracted 927 ‘likes’ and generated 546 comments quite equally divided regarding what many ‘fans’ have deemed an act of ‘discrimination.’

So what do I think?

Whilst I agree, condone and understand the move to limit smoking indoors and to fewer public areas, I think that Princess Cruises’ move to ban smoking on the balcony of passenger’s staterooms is going too far.

Having read the posts on Facebook regarding this move, it seems that this is the clincher for most people complaining. Why shouldn’t passengers be able to feel free in their own space, especially when they’re paying top dollar to have the privilege of a balcony suite?

What do you think? Is it about time? Do you think the cruise lines are using the study as an excuse to tighten their policy?

On another note…why did all three lines decide to make the announcement almost simultaneously?

It was quite a smart PR move because it almost takes the heat off everyone involved when each line is able to say, “well they did it too.”

5 responses to “The one where smoking on cruise ships became risque…

  1. I find it stupid – guests should be able to smoke on their own balcony! Mind you, its only a matter of time before smoking is so unpopular that it will be banned everywhere: cruising appears to be the last bastion of smoking freedom ; )

    • Firstly, thanks for being the first person to comment on my blog…ever! 🙂 Secondly, I agree, I’m constantly surprised by how many places you can smoke, including inside when on cruise ships, particularly in Europe and America but it’s slowly changing and I think that they should take baby steps rather than go full steam ahead and ban smoking on stateroom balconies like Princess have. We’ll see how it goes when the change is implemented on the 15th January 2012 and whether all of those people who said they won’t cruise with them moving forward speak with their wallets!

      • I was under the impression that you could still smoke in staterooms on cruise ships – maybe I was misguided? Anyway we recently went to Eastern Europe and Abu Dhabi, and you could smoke everywhere: in Slovakia, you could smoke at the Cafe’s in the mall – in Hungary, you could still smoke in restaurants and nightclubs. In Abu Dhabi, the Emirates palace had ashtrays every ten meters…. so I was in heaven (is it easy to tell I am a smoker? lol)
        I’m a fan for baby steps 🙂

      • You can only smoke on balconies in staterooms as far as I am aware…although I am open to be corrected here. This, however, will be changing it seems but yes, I agree with you…baby steps are important, especially in such an ever changing industry as cruising!

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