Celebrity Profile: Gavin Macleod

Gavin Macleod Pacific PrincessWe  are taking a leap back in time today to our interview with Gavin Macleod whom you may know better as Captain Stubing from The Love Boat.

Cruise In Review: Welcome to Sydney Gavin, it’s such an honour to talk to you!

Gavin: Thank you, it’s lovely to talk to you! It’s just been wonderful here. I love Sydney!

Cruise In Review: Have you had a chance to experience many of Australia’s ports on this trip aboard the new Pacific Princess?
Gavin: We fell in love with Burnie in Tasmania. It was absolutely gorgeous!

The people were so wonderful, so terrific! They gave me a plaque to the city and cufflinks and we went to a gift shop and spent a fortune the gifts are just so unique there!

Then this man drove us up the coast for about an hour and we went to the beach and we had fish and chips at the beach.

It was just idyllic. My daughter and I were just so thrilled to visit a place we had never heard of in our lives!

Cruise In Review: Hopefully Sydney has impressed you as well then! It sounds like we have big shoes to fill after how impressive Burnie was!

Gavin: Sydney is great. It’s a big, big city! There are so many people here!129696c

I was here 30 years ago filming “The Love Boat” and things have changed so much.

The coat hanger bridge is still here and the Opera House is still here but the shops have changed, 30 years is a long time.

People want to be here in Sydney the same way that they want to sail on Princess ships!

Give them what they want and they’ll keep coming back.

Cruise In Review: Many guest stars appeared on “The Love Boat” over the years, who was your favourite celebrity to work with?

Gavin: My wife was really very important to me. The show we did in New Zealand and Sydney was very big and she was a part of that.

An Australian actor Sam played her husband in the two-hour episode that was filmed here. They communicated for many, many years but all the people were great.

Image courtesy of news.com.au

Image courtesy of news.com.au

Ethel Merman was always great to all of us and we loved her.

It’s so difficult to select anyone. I was in actor’s heaven every Monday when all these big guests stars would come in there.

There was Olivia de Havilland, Joan Fontaine…you may be too young to remember these names!

Cruise In Review: Not at all! I actually watch “The Love Boat” every day so the names are very familiar to me. It’s your show that manifested my love of cruising and working onboard…I wanted to be Julie…I still do!

Gavin: Half of the men I bump into who are Cruise Directors now say they wanted to be Julie!

Cruise In Review: Which is your favourite Princess ship to cruise on?

Gavin: We filmed on two ships but my favourite ship to cruise on today is the current Pacific Princess.

It’s small, it’s wonderful, and you get to know people. It’s a very familial atmosphere especially on an around the world cruise.

Everything is just top notch the food is great the service is great. It’s like the other Princess ships except it’s one of those smaller ones.

Cruise In Review: There are a lot of shows that are having their second run now like “Hawaii 5-0” and “Charlie’s Ang129696bels” if “The Love Boat” was reincarnated again who would you like to play you?

Jim Carrey.

Cruise In Review: What was it about “The Love Boat” that you think captured people?

Gavin: No-one had done a series on a cruise ship before and no-one had done a series with three different stories.

There was a wild comedy story, a sophisticated comedy story and an emotional one. There were different kinds of stories week after week.

They’ve talked about making a movie of it for years and years and years but nobody’s done it.

I spoke to Margaret Thatcher about the show once but she didn’t want to speak to me until I told her that the show was still played in 100 countries!

Cruise In Review: What can passengers expect when sailing with you?

Gavin: Princess Cruises has done the video of my life that runs for one hour and ten minutes and it’s won an award. They show that on the ship but when I’m onboard they show it on the big screen and I come out and answer questions.

They showed three of my films this cruise including “The Sand Pebbles” with Steve McQueen and “Operation Petticoat” with Cary Grant and Tony Curtis and I would talk about all those and some of the other movies I’ve done.

Gavin salutes Burnie, Tasmania. Image courtesy of "The Advocate"

Gavin salutes Burnie, Tasmania.
Image courtesy of “The Advocate”

Last night I talked about the “Mary Tyler Moore Show” which plays in our staterooms as well.

I had 3 speaking engagements and it was just wonderful…we had a great time!

Cruise In Review: Do you know when our readers will get the opportunity to sail with you again?

Gavin: I have another cruise from Vancouver down to LA travelling with the president and all of the hierarchy of Princess Cruises along with top travel agents for 5 or 6 days in May I think.

Then, next September, we go to London and motor down to East Hampton for two weeks and wind up in Venice and come back.

There are other appearances like functions that will happen in the States that they’ll ask me to go to as well.

For my 80th birthday, one of the ships came in and they gave me the best birthday party you could ever imagine!

I had some of my kids there and my grandkids and my brother and they took all of those photographs and mounted them in a book and I was able to give those books out to all those people at Christmas.

129696gPrincess has become part of my family. I’ve been there even longer than the president, Alan Buckelew!

There have been a lot of changes but the people up there are really wonderful and they care about their passengers and they care about satisfying people.

It’s love exciting and new!

Cruise In Review: Do you have any advice for first time cruisers Gavin?

Gavin: I would just say be on time! Number one, don’t miss the boat!

Chew each bite of food 36 times, try to float in the pool, go to the movies and sit outside by the 30 x 70 foot screen and eat that popcorn and enjoy every moment because the precious present is every day.

Words: Natalie Aroyan

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