Cruise Review: Crystal Serenity Accommodation

136199cWe were calling a Penthouse Suite home for seven-nights, sailing from Rome to Athens and, for the very first time in my many years of cruising, I would have been quite happy to never leave the suite at all.

Featuring a walk-in wardrobe, two dressing tables and sizeable bathroom, complete with; twin sinks, full-size spa bath and ultra-spacious shower, there would be no concerns about getting in each other’s way during the voyage.

Our twin beds seemed deliciously created to envelop us for the best sleep of our lives and were complemented by a pillow menu so vast I had to order one of each just to experience the difference.

136199bI will always thank Crystal for helping me to discover the wonder of a body pillow or as I liked to dub it, my boyfriend for the week!

Another benefit of booking a Penthouse Suite was our access to Sasa, otherwise known as our very accommodating butler.

From sorting out vegan friendly hors d’oevres every afternoon for my cruising buddy, to rearranging dining reservations where necessary, Sasa was a Godsend.

He even went out of his way when off duty for a few hours in Sorrento to walk us to where the ferry terminal was so that we didn’t get lost en route to Capri…now that’s service!

136199dWhilst one of the most popular services a butler offers is packing and unpacking, I just didn’t want to ask the man who was already doing so much for us to deal with the myriad of clothing and shoes I felt I needed on this European sojourn.

I did however feel comfortable asking for my outfits to be pressed after the long journey…just another complimentary service as part of our Penthouse experience!

For someone who has always lived by the credo, “your cabin is just for sleeping in”, I certainly spent a lot of time in my Suite…it would be a tough transition to settle into my next ‘regular-sized’ cabin aboard a cruise ship!

Perhaps my favourite perk of Penthouse living (and my goodness there were a lot) was 136199ethe room service breakfast.

We would speed dial Sasa, order from the delectable breakfast selection and sit on the balcony while our butler clothed the table and turned our lounge area into our own private dining room.

Could we pack Sasa in our suitcase and take him home?

Originally written by Natalie Aroyan for e-Travel Blackboard

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