Navigator of the Seas Day 5: Cruise Ship Antics

118082The evening of my Falmouth adventure was filled with many antics and embarrassing moments.

Then again, what cruise doesn’t have a few of those? It had just taken a little while longer than usual to get to that 118082apoint for me!

On the recommendation of onboard comedian Steve Caouette, Sherri and I headed to Studio B on deck 3 for ‘The Quest.’

Described in the Cruise Compass as an ‘adult scavenger 118082bhunt’, I should have known better than to think I could get away with just being an audience member.

The downfall of befriending cruise staff is that they often pick you out in activities such as these as it’s the easy option.

118082cSitting innocently in the audience I was approached (read dragged onto the floor) to be captain of a team who were responsible for obtaining random items of clothing or 118082ddoing relatively humiliating things to win points and, ultimately, become champions of ‘The Quest’.

We had team members ripping off bras quicker than I ever thought possible, human pyramids, people sliding onto the floor to do the splits…the list of requirements was endless!

Then the piece de resistance…the cross dressing portion of the evening.

118082eOur poor teammate Michael, was subjected to us stripping him of clothing and dressing him up as a woman…lipstick, bra and all. He then had to parade in front of his fellow passengers as this woman we had created with hilarious results!

One thing that always surprises me about cruises and the people who travel on them is that there seems to be a ‘no holds barred’ attitude towards the activities on board.

It’s something I love. People just don’t seem to care what their fellow passengers think. You live in a bubble from the time you board to the time you disembark and the old adage “what happens on a cruise ship, stays on a cruise ship” is applied.

Well, unless there’s a journalist on board writing about it and posting photos of course!

Our final day at sea was one of catching up with newfound friends we’d made and soaking up the last rays of sun before we hit reality.

In keeping with the theme of being a joiner, I managed to fit in judging the ‘Sexiest Man’ competition just before interviewing our fabulous Captain, Patrik Dahlgren.

Such dichotomies run rampant when I board a ship…perhaps that’s why I love cruising so much…

Bidding adieu to our brilliant waiters Elvis and Simone, I spent my last night Cha Cha Sliding in The Dungeon and betting a final 20 dollars on Blackjack.

As they switched off the poker machines and the crew began busily preparing for the next influx of excitable passengers, I dreamt of the next time I would board a cruise ship.

Now to address how I was going to be able to fit all those souvenirs in my luggage…just a minor detail really!

Originally written by Natalie Aroyan for e-Travel Blackboard

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