The one where lessons were learnt from Carnival Triumph…

  Carnival CEO Gerry Cahill at Cruise Shipping Miami.Image:

Carnival CEO Gerry Cahill at Cruise Shipping Miami.

With the Carnival Triumph fire a very recent memory, Carnival Cruise Lines CEO Gerry Cahill told delegates at Cruise Shipping Miami that they are now focussing on what lessons can be learnt from the incident.

A comprehensive review of the entire Carnival fleet is currently being undertaken, with the line examining the prevention, detection and suppression of fires, engine room redundancies, what additional hotel facilities are able to be provided through emergency generator power and how to implement the findings.

“Now I can assure you since this fire has occurred it has been the number one priority for both Carnival Cruise Lines and Carnival Corporation,” Mr Cahill said.

Experts including fire safety officials, naval architects and marine engineers have been called on to perform the fleetwide review along with crew from Carnival’s sister brands.

“We have a group in Mobile; we have a group in Miami; we have a group in Southampton; and we also have a group in Trieste, Italy working on this,” Mr Cahill continued.

Having learnt from the Carnival Splendor fire in 2010, Mr Cahill highlighted that the line had put in place changes that allowed the team onboard to extinguish the Carnival Triumph fire quickly and that their aim is to look for “additional opportunities for more redundancies” throughout the fleet.

Carnival Cruise Lines is assisting the Coast Guard, National Transportation Safety Board and the Bahamian government in their investigation and will take part in the assessment being undertaken by CLIA.

CLIA president and CEO Christine Duffy assured delegates earlier in the conference that the incident “affected all of us” and highlighted that, although the Carnival Triumph incident was a rare occurrence, that CLIA and its member lines don’t underestimate the impact that it has had.

Ms Duffy stressed that whilst much attention has been placed on continual operational improvements and best practice within the cruise sector, that the industry has an exceptional safety record and its leaders are committed to responsible business practices.

“No-one was injured on the Carnival Triumph, no-one was hurt, no-one was ever at risk,” Mr Cahill said.

“We have a very good safety record overall and the good thing is, we always, as an industry, try to learn from these things and we try to get better.

“I think what you’re seeing now, is all the brands coming together to try and determine the lessons we can learn from this so we can improve.”

Cruise Shipping Miami will run through to Thursday and is expected to attract more than 10,000 delegates.

Originally written by Natalie Aroyan for e-Travel Blackboard.

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