The one where Azamara Journey deters suspected pirates…

The 650-passenger Azamara Journey has escaped a suspected pirate attack 15 nautical miles off the coast of Masirah island, Oman.

Two white skiffs suspected of belonging to Somali pirates, approached the vessel  before Azamara Journey’ssecurity team reportedly fired flares at the two skiffs causing them to change direction and abort their approach.

The Muscat Daily reported that the skiffs, a favoured attack craft used by Somali pirates, were equipped with a large outboard engine and each contained four persons onboard.

Director of global corporate communications for Azamara’s parent company Royal Caribbean Cruises, Cynthia Martinez, was reported by The Mirror as saying, “The captain took precautionary measures, which included asking that guests move to the interior areas of the ship, as well as evasive manoeuvres.”

Ms Martinez went on to add that “certain precautions and additional preparations” are taken when ships are sailing near the Gulf of Aden.

“Our crew members, security teams and procedures are capable of responding to a wide variety of challenges and we are always well prepared,” Ms Martinez said.

Azamara Journey departed Athens on 14 November and is slated for arrival into Mumbai on 28 November.

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