The one where Azamara offered ‘AzAmazing Evenings’…

Azamara passengers can now immerse themselves even more in a destination with the bespoke ‘AzAmazing Evening’ offering.
Image: Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara  Club Cruises has announced the introduction of bespoke evening events on every  voyage across both vessels in 2013.

Further  enhancing their key point differentiator, destination immersion, the all-new complimentary  ‘AzAmazing Evenings’ will be on offer aboard Azamara Quest from 27 March 2013 and sister-ship Azamara Quest from 15 May 2013.

“You  can’t buy these events and experiences, they’re one off and they’re customised  for every itinerary,” Azamara senior VP Edie Bornstein told e-Travel Blackboard.

“We will  have one evening per itinerary and the guests will love it because it’s  included in the price of the cruise.”

Created  by a team led by Azamara destination expert Claudius Docekal and destination  consultant Emilio Freeman, the fully customised events will enable interested passengers  to travel via private coach to experiences including; a private ballet  performance in St. Petersburg, Russia or a polo match and reception in Saint  Tropez.

“Between  Emilio and Claudius, they have 16 years cruise and travel experience…they  understood the bespoke, authentic nature that we were after and they just went  to work,” Ms Bornstein told e-Travel Blackboard.

“It was  a tremendous manual effort but we are very, very excited about it. We don’t  think our guests will like it…we think they’ll love it!”

‘AzAmazing  Evenings’ will replace the current 50 percent savings off the ‘Land Discovery’  shore excursions program with Ms Bornstein sharing her belief that offering an  all-inclusive tour offering would have increased the line’s price point  unnecessarily.

“We  really believe that full blown tours are a personal thing.

“It  doesn’t customise the vacation experience to the extent somebody may want, so  we thought, let’s leave the shore excursion land discovery option up to the  individual and they can take as many or as little as they want.”

Passengers  sailing on voyages pre-2 March 2013 aboard Azamara  Quest or pre-17 April 2013 aboard Azamara  Journey will still be able to save 50 percent on most Land Discoveries when  booking online at least four days prior to their sailing date.
The  cruise line has also made the move to become more inclusive with the  announcement that complimentary standard spirits, wines and international beers  will also be available throughout the ship during the bars’ opening hours when  the ‘AzAmazing Event’ is launched on both vessels. “We want  to really make sure our guests are ecstatic, or ‘AzAmazed’ if you will,” Ms  Bornstein said.

Originally written by Natalie Aroyan for e-Travel Blackboard

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