Carnival Breeze Day 10: Maybe next time Messina

It’s not often that I decide not to get off the ship at a port, especially when I haven’t visited the city before, but cruising the Mediterranean can really be exhausting so I decided a quiet day relaxing onboard was what this cruiser needed.

Another benefit to staying onboard whilst in port was that I was able to get a position in the Serenity Adults Only Retreat very easily.

This area is very busy on sea days, especially when there are only three in an itinerary and so many passengers were raving about it that I had to check it out!

I’d had their breakfast burritos everyday; maybe it was time for some real burritos at lunch!

Positioning myself in a comfy shell lounge, I alternated writing with snoozing and met up with some friends who had the same idea as me about staying onboard.

We channeled our inner child and decided to try out the WaterWorks that had captured my attention all week.

The yellow Twister and orange DrainPipe slides looked a tad ominous but, apart from being concerned about my swimmers falling down, I figured I could handle it!

Climbing the stairs to the Twister, we had fun with the mini drenchers that allowed us to surprise the people below us by pouring water over them.

Acting all macho, the boys insisted I go first, which I knew was a ploy to see if I went through with it for we’d heard that the Twister was the scarier of

The staff never gawked at how many fillings I wanted!

the two slides.

Sliding through the yellow tunnel I picked up speed at every twist and turn. I didn’t know which direction I was going, all I knew was that I was going to hold onto my swimsuit as tight as I could and that I could wipe the water out of my eyes when I got to the end!

I tried to sit up to slow myself down but that didn’t work and when I saw the sunlight (through half squinting eyes) I had somehow managed to come out sideways with one leg over the side and the other trying to grip on for dear life!

What a ride!

My swimsuit was intact, along with my dignity thankfully and we giggled like children as we ran back up the stairs to try our luck with the DrainPipe!

This second experience was a lot tamer than the first, with a smooth tunnel out to a large ‘DrainPipe’ that spins you around before you come to a stop and…do it all again!

Those WaterWorks were addictive and a refreshing reprieve from the Italian summer sun!

Returning to Serenity, I do a quick scan of what my fellow passengers are reading. For some reason, it looked like they were all reading the same book and I knew that couldn’t be right. Perhaps my eyes were still swollen from the WaterWorks?

But they weren’t…each of my passengers, bar one, surrounding me in the Adults Only Retreat were reading “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Men and women alike had all cottoned onto this phenomenon that had swept the world…what was I missing out on?

That was probably the question they had asked themselves when they purchased the book I guess!

Swapping my shell lounge for a hammock, I bump into two more new friends, Suze and Jose who had returned from a day of wandering through Messina, which, by all accounts, was a very pretty town.

We all hop onto a hammock and chat about life, love and why the moon and the sun were in the sky at the same time…they really were!

Jose serenaded us whilst swinging the hammock and we insisted he take part in the Guest Talent Show later that night. If I had success with getting Tony to participate in the Hairy Chest Competition, I wonder if I could get Jose to try his “Titanic” style vocals in the Talent Show?

As the sun started to set, I head back to my cabin to read a little bit more on my balcony before getting ready for dinner in the Blush Dining Room.

The Guest Talent Show was all the rage at dinner and we headed straight up to the Ovation Theatre to ensure we got a seat.

It seemed like every passenger onboard was in the theatre to see what talent was surrounding us…and there was some amazing talent!

I was surprised to see that all three performers were male but all three really got the crowd pumping and the tweens lining the stage screaming as if Justin Bieber was in the house.

Hosted by John Heald, the repartee between the talent and John was priceless as usual but it wasn’t until he started his “Bedtime Story” that all bets were out the window.

A pantomime-style performance, John split the audience into two and gave each side noises to make to enhance the story he was going to tell with the help of some lucky passengers.

His first choice was a lady whom he had seen falling asleep in the audience during the talent show but who woke up very quickly when she was brought onto the stage to play the part of Mary.

Guiding her to run to the front of the stage screaming for help, John didn’t get what he bargained for when she decided to throw him to the floor before mounting him, jumping up and down and screaming for help. He did ask her for more a more ‘bouncy’ performance after all!

Suspenders broken, pants around his ankles and with one shoe flung across the stage, John retired backstage to compose himself to a theatre filled with laughter.

I have never laughed so much at a performance in my life…tears running down my cheeks and make up well and truly gone, I kicked myself for not getting it on video!

The hilarity ensued with the next two passengers he employed to complete the performance, but it all kept going back to Mary!

Electric White Night was happening in the Liquid Nightclub after “Bedtime Stories” so I knew that it might be a while before I actually would head to bed.

With the added enticement of USD$1 off all drinks for all passengers wearing white, the club was a smattering of the colour.

We had arranged to meet several of our new friends and were impressed when they all turned up ready to party the night away. It was like a shipboard reunion with all of the people we usually meet during the day coming together at night.

The night before a ‘Fun Day at Sea’ is always a tad crazier than normal and with only a few days left of our Mediterranean sojourn, what better reason to party?

originally written by Natalie Aroyan for e-Travel Blackboard

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