Cruise Review: Carnival Breeze Clubs and Lounges

From my local, the Liquid Nightclub, to perennial favourite, the Red Frog Pub, Carnival Breeze is not short on places to enjoy a beverage, dance or sing along.

Liquid Nightclub

With DJs selected and trained by DJ Irie at his ‘Spiniversity’, the Liquid Nightclub features strobe lighting, lounge seating, full bar and even cages to let that inner dance beast out!

DJ Alx took requests nightly as passengers hit the dance floor to Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle and Wobble their night away.

Piano Bar 88

With the cool tunes of Ron on hand, passengers aboard our voyage packed out the velvet smooth venue complete with keyboard bar and sang along to favourite songs of the 70s to today.

The Library Bar

Wine, books and games are on offer in this intimate and innovative take on a shipboard library that is split in two on deck 3 just near Guest Services.

Serving an array of specially selected wine from automatic dispensers, this bar was a favourite for those wanting to curl up with a good book and a perfectly chilled and measured glass of wine.

Passengers simply have to swipe their sail and sign card, select their wine, place their glass underneath the dispenser and away they go!

Red Frog Pub

A traditional Caribbean pub on a ship, the Red Frog Pub offers their very own brew, Thirsty Frog Red, live acoustic performances nightly and a bar menu including such island delicacies as conch salad!

The regular afternoon hang out for my friends and I, we enjoyed games of shuffleboard and bag toss whilst sipping on cocktails and singing along to cool tunes performed by Timmy Pierce and Will Marion.

Open late and with seating on the lanai, the Red Frog Pub was definitely one of the most popular spots aboard Carnival Breeze in the Mediterranean. I can only imagine its popularity once the ship arrives in the Caribbean!

Originally written by Natalie Aroyan for e-Travel Blackboard

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