Carnival Breeze Day 1: Breezy Barcelona

Anticipation mounted as I met my cruising buddy, Travel Manager Michelle, at Barcelona Airport to embark on a voyage aboard Carnival’s newest ship, Carnival Breeze.

Having followed the progress of this ship from inception to completion, it was a very special feeling to know that we would be part of the second group of people ever to sail aboard her.

Utilising the online booking procedure to arrange our airport transfers, we found the Carnival signs easily and boarded the coach to the cruise terminal to ‘breeze’ through check-in.

DJ Alx (form an X in the air ‘Deal or No Deal’ style here) was spinning some tunes in true ‘Fun Ship 2.0’ style in the lobby on deck 3 to get embarking passengers like us ready and raring to go for our Mediterranean sojourn.

Our cabin was ready early so it was time to dump our carry on luggage and check out the new decor Carnival had so proudly promoted for months on end.

The subtle tropical feel was evident throughout with visions of palm trees lining the corridors and wood panelled doors evoking that island-style without the bursts of colour passengers are used to aboard Carnival’s fleet.

Sticking with the tradition I started on Carnival Liberty last month, I hit up Guy Fieri’s burger joint for lunch trying a Chilius Maximus for the first time with one of those delectable beef patties topped off with chilli mince and the secret Guy Fieri ‘donkey’ sauce that seems to make all the difference.

Surrounded by a blend of demographics, the music was pumping on Lido deck and people were trialling the Red Frog Rum Bar and Blue Iguana Tequila Bar with vigour to wash down their first taste of the Carnival Breeze food offering.

Mustering took on a whole new vibe with Senior Cruise Director extraordinaire, John Heald,

Enjoying my first Guy Fieri burger and cocktail for this voyage!

taking the reigns and directing us through the ever so important pre-Sailaway drill.

Without the need to take our life jackets to the Sapphire Dining Room, the process was much smoother and a few quips thrown in to lighten the drill made for the most enjoyable muster I have experienced to date.

Bidding Barcelona “adios” I took to the floor to cha cha slide into my cruise and out of Spain with my fellow passengers…Caribbean Coladas in hand we say a silent prayer that the weather remains perfect for our entire 12-day voyage.

Thankfully booked in for the late seating, Blush was the venue for our first dinner and our waiter, the vivacious Martina, ensures that we are looked after

Giddy about meeting Senior Cruise Director John Heald – arguably the best Cruise Director and blogger of all time!

in every way possible.

Savouring the vegetarian spring rolls ahead of the panko crusted jumbo shrimp, I hope that I am able to retain my record of not putting weight on when sailing. With all of the dining venues on offer though, perhaps I should just make a promise to work out in the fitness centre daily instead…

Heading to check out Liquid Nightclub via the Red Frog Pub, I’m disappointed to see that there aren’t many people out but it’s to be expected after the long day of travelling most people have had to get onboard.

DJ Alx is spinning the decks with vigour regardless though and my friends and I hit the dance floor (and the cage) for the first time of many before taking to the promenade area outside Red Frog for hours of hours of catching up…

Luckily for us, Pizza Pirate is open 24 hours with all that dancing building up an appetite…what was I saying about not putting weight on whilst sailing again?

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Originally written by Natalie Aroyan for e-Travel Blackboard.

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