The one where ‘AquaLab’ debuted on Disney Fantasy…

The all-new ‘AquaLab’ will debut onboard Disney Fantasy when she launches next year and will offer guests a variety of ‘water experiments’ created by Donald Duck’s nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie.

Located on deck 12 adjacent to the entrance to the ‘AquaDuck’, children will be put ‘in charge’ of the water coaster via hand-painted notes left by the nephews.

Young cruisers will be able to ‘control’ the speed and temperature of ‘AquaDuck’ by moving levers and turning wheels accordingly.

The area will be decked out with features such as a ‘leaky wall’ where children will need to keep the water circulating and ‘leaky pipes’ lest Donald Duck’s rowboat fills with water and tips all over the young passengers!

Deck 12 forward will feature a new area suitable for all-ages complete with a wading pool, fountain and shaded seating.

Adults have not been forgotten in the new build with an additional adult exclusive area located on the upper decks.

The ‘Satellite Sun Deck’ will feature ‘Satellite Falls’, a splash pool offering guests a gentle ‘rain curtain’ as well as sun lounges and a shaded area.

Disney Fantasy will sail on her maiden voyage out of Port Canaveral, Florida on 31 March 2012.

Originally published for e-Travel Blackboard.

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