The one where Cunard considered weddings at sea…

With the lure of cruising larger than ever before, many travellers are now opting to celebrate their big day sailing the seven seas.

Cunard has thus far been unable to offer its passengers this luxury with their entire fleet registered in the UK where the law dictates that vows can only be exchanged when in port and conducted by a minister or other notary.

Cruise Critic has reported that, in order to take advantage of the lucrative business that is ‘Weddings at Sea’,  the line may be considering re-registering its three ships outside of the UK for the first time in its 171 year history.

This would allow couples to be married by the Captain in the more romantic and popular setting of the middle of the ocean.

With several options available for Cunard, Peter Shanks, president of the line clarified the speculation in a statement provided to e-Travel Blackboard.

“Naturally in these challenging times Cunard is exploring ways of maximizing revenue and one possibility is to offer Weddings at Sea. We know there is a pent up demand as we receive many enquiries, especially about marriages on transatlantic crossings which no other line can offer,” Mr Shanks said.

“One (option) is to stay as we are and forego our share of this lucrative business; a second is to designate a ‘wedding ship’ and change that ship’s registry alone; and the third is to maximize the opportunity and re-register all our ships.”

Mr Shanks went on to stress that no decision has yet been made.

Cruise Critic also reported that re-registering the ships will mean that the line will most likely fly the flags of either Malta or Bermuda and the iconic ‘Southampton’ donning the hull of each vessel will change to either ‘Valletta’ or ‘Hamilton’.

Regardless of the decision made however, the fleet will still be based in Southampton.

Originally published for e-Travel Blackboard

Whilst I think that it’s a lovely thought to be married at sea…heck I’ve even added it to my ever-growing bucket list of things to do…the Southampton name emblazoned on the glorious hulls of Cunard ships has a certain romance about it as well.

I have mixed feelings about the re-registration and hope that they decide to only re-register one of their ships as a dedicated ‘wedding ship’ instead of all three.

What are your thoughts? Have you been married at sea?

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