The one where Norwegian delivered pizzas…

Following the success on their latest vessel, Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Cruise Line will offer the Pizza 24/7 delivery service across their fleet.

The announcement was made almost simultaneously with the news that the line will commence charging a late-night room service surcharge of $3.95 per order between midnight and 5am.

In a statement to made to me yesterday, Amanda Graham, manager public relations, Norwegian Cruise Line, explained that the surcharge had been implemented as a response to reduce food wastage onboard.

Pizza and beverage-only orders will not incur this additional charge with passengers wishing to save money still offered the option to dine in the line’s various complimentary 24-hour diners.

Passengers will be able to enjoy a 16-inch handmade, stone baked pizza delivered almost anywhere on the ship ‘round the clock for $5.

Commencing with a roll out to the eight U.S based ships in July, Norwegian Jade and Norwegian Sun will offer the service in Europe from August.

“Our guests have deemed the 24-hour pizza delivery onboard Norwegian Epic a popular addition to our innovative Freestyle Dining options,” said Michael Flesch, Norwegian’s senior vice president of hotel operations.

“We wanted to make it easy and convenient for our guests to enjoy a delicious pizza any time on our ships, whether it’s during a game of bowling, watching a movie in the Atrium or in the comfort of their stateroom.”

Originally published on e-Travel Blackboard

I thought I’d share an experience I had with late night (read 5am…so more early morning) room service on board Norwegian’s Pride of America last year.

My fabulous friends (whom I met onboard), Cecil, Adam, Frank and I were in much need of some sustenance and were very excited to find that:

a) There was a 24 hour fantastic room service menu

b) It was complimentary

Would it have made a difference if we were charged $3.95 for the order? No, not at all. It’s a small price to pay for convenience and quality, of which it most certainly was. I couldn’t say the same for the many other late night room service menus I’ve sampled in hotels around the world over the years…and they not only charge ridiculous amounts for the food, but a delivery surcharge to boot!

There are a lot of people who have complained that onboard surcharges are becoming ridiculous but, Norwegian, as the current example, also offer a 24-7 ‘diner’ that is complimentary so, realistically, if $3.95 breaks the budget then walking the short distance to access a free meal shouldn’t be too crazy an option for people…

What do you think about additional surcharges onboard? I’m keen to hear your thoughts…

2 responses to “The one where Norwegian delivered pizzas…

  1. Agree! $5 for a fresh pizza at 5am is completely reasonable. And there is free dining available for those that don’t want to pay.

    I like that the options are there for guests to choose from.

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