The one where Sapphire Princess cancelled calls to Puerto Vallarta…

Princess Cruises have cancelled visits to the Mexican port of Puerto Vallarta for three Sapphire Princess voyages.

The 19 November, 10 December and 31 December itineraries will be affected with Ensanada and a 2-day visit to Cabo San Lucas scheduled instead.

“Our security department continues to monitor the actions taking place in specific areas of Mexico.  As the safety and security of our passengers and crew is our highest priority and based on the continued violence in these areas, we’ve made the decision to cancel our calls to Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan,” the cruise line reported in a statement to e-Travel Blackboard.

Original article published on e-Travel Blackboard

Having travelled to what was dubbed a ‘hotspot’ earlier this year, the new port of Falmouth Jamaica, I was able to see first hand what the local Government was doing to negate the bad press their region was experiencing.

As a visitor to the port, the excess security actually made me feel more threatened than if there hadn’t been police escorts for tours and a line up of military and police at the port gates. It begs the question, should the Government make more of an effort to ‘clean up their act’ as has been suggested by cruisers and several blogs online, or should travellers take more precautions when travelling to regions that are known to be a little more on the ‘dangerous’ side.

There are many countries around the world where people need to be on guard more so than others, but, in saying that, crime happens everywhere.

Is it really the cruise lines responsibility to pull out of ports because of this? Controversial? Perhaps…but I’d be interested to see what your thoughts are.

In the example of Falmouth, it may not be a port that I am hankering to get back to, but I don’t think that ships should stop sailing there either.

Further to this example, 11 years ago I sailed on one of my all time favourite ships, the Fair Princess, to Suva, Fiji. It just so happened that the day we sailed in was also the first day of the military coup.

I was nearly stuck on the island when myself (crew at the time) and 2 passengers were stopped from entering the port to embark the ship due to the security lock down at the port.

I was terrified, but have travelled to Fiji again and loved every minute of it. Yes it was a dangerous situation, but it didn’t stop the lines sailing to the island, nor did it stop me from giving it another chance…

What do you think about this cancellation and others like it? With more and more Mexican ports being cancelled by cruise lines, what do you think the Mexican government should do moving forward?

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