Carnival Breeze Day 9: Monopoly, Motown and a Mexican Fiesta







Mongolian Wok

A fun day at sea was exactly what this cruiser needed after another late night carving up the dance floor in the Liquid Nightclub!

Carnival had truly packed in a plethora of activities for those keen to ‘join in’ but I decided that lying on a sun lounge and watching the Italian coastline sail by was the way to go for a change.

Veering away from Guy Fieri’s burger joint for the first time on this cruise, I thought I’d sample the Mongolian Wok in the Lido Marketplace for lunch since the line was surprisingly short.

Offering a variety of noodle styles, vegetables and sauces you can select from beef, chicken or prawns and create your own fresh stir fry.

Perhaps one of the most exciting entertainment options on this ‘fun day at

Cruise staff warm up the audience at Hasbro: The Game Show

sea’ was Hasbro: The Game Show being shown in the Ovation Theatre.

Carnival had partnered with game board giant Hasbro as part of their Fun Ship 2.0 initiative and created a larger than life game show with all the trimmings that turned their most popular games life size.

I was unsure as to how they would achieve this, but I needn’t have been worried because what we would be witness to was yet another fantastic culmination of talent, unique staging and special audio visual touches.

The theatre was packed with passengers all wanting to participate in a real-life game show complete with a prize showcase and the energy was palpable.

Just like on television, the cruise staff ‘warmed up’ the crowd ahead of introducing the vivacious cruise director Butch, who ran onto the stage with

Butch takes to the stage

big smile and bright white teeth at the ready for the ‘cameras’.

Whooping and cheering ensued as he explained how contestants would be chosen.

Jumping, screaming and generally making a fool of yourself (aka having fun) was encouraged when answering the very “American” Trivial Pursuit questions.

Carnival needs to make the questions a little less U.S. focused (one of the questions asked how many figures in a social security number) if they’re hoping to attract a more international crowd to play the game.

If Butch selected you to answer a question and you got it correct, the stage was your next stop to play either Connect 4 or Simon Flash, the two games

Simon Flash

scheduled in for today’s show.

Contestants of all ages are selected, with the team captain is generally a younger cruiser who clearly relishes the chance to “boss” the adults around.

The audience is split into red and blue teams (perfectly in line with the friendly Blue Iguana vs. Red Frog competition on Lido deck) so that you can cheer your team on to victory.

Whilst the concept may be cheesy, it’s such a fun escape and truly feels like you are on the set of a television game show…complete with the broadcasting of old school Hasbro advertisements on the screens during the “commercial break” between each game.

The ultimate winner is decided via a Monopoly Electronic Banking Machine

The Monopoly Banking Machine dictates the ultimate winner

which ‘comes to life’ after each game.

The Ovation Theatre was also our destination later on that evening for the last showing of “Motor City” by Playlist Productions.

By all reports, this was definitely a favourite with passengers who had seen the show earlier in the week and, being a fan of Motown, I knew that it would certainly get my toes tapping.

With audience interaction seeming like a major consideration of the new entertainment schedule, we were keen to see what we were in store for.

We were greeted by bell boy mimes on entering the theatre who proceeded to get passengers involved pre-show by swapping them around, silently introducing them to each other and even having one lady join them on

“Motor City”


The dancing started early on, with passengers taught a new dance in true Motown style. Left arm up, right arm up, wiggle those hips…feel the music…

Once again, the vocal talent and energy emanating from the stage was more than impressive and the high definition screens added an extra element of ‘wow’ to the performance.

Encouraged to stand up and dance for most of the show, we grooved away to some old favourites and got to perform the new dance that we had learnt on the atrium dance floor when the show moved into the lobby.

DJ Alx spun some of the Motown greats from the elevated DJ booth and we warmed up for the Blue Iguana Mexican Fiesta later that evening on Lido deck.

Ever a fan of a poolside party, the weather was picture perfect for a Mexican Fiesta…even though we were actually off the coast of Italy…a concept that was interesting to grasp.

Sombreros were handed out and games ensued as tequila was downed and the pool deck turned into a dance floor courtesy of tunes spun by…you guessed it…DJ Alx fresh from his bout of Motown fever.

Line dances were all the rage again with my favourites played back-to-back ahead of the conga challenge that is always a surefire way to become closer to your fellow passengers!

We may have been celebrating Mexico in the Mediterranean but one thing was certain, no matter where you are in the world tequila, a balmy sea breeze and music always equals fun!

Originally written by Natalie Aroyan for e-Travel Blackboard

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